cnnn lenet seven-segment


I’m back! i had another post a while back asking about number recognition but i didn’t get many replies. I’ve started digging and here is what i’ve found:

  • openmv had a class find_number, this is gone
  • the comments about find_number mention cnn lenet superceed this
  • i’ve loaded the example machine vision lenet included in the ide
  • i’ve added the from the github
  • i’ve tried the two other lenet examples

I can’t get this to recongnise numbers, what am i doing wrong.

Can someone confirm is the trained is the mnist model which is hand written? i haven’t been able to get handwritten recognition to work either.

Can someone please confirm if i put the camera at my screen show the picture in this post if its capable of recognising the numbers and can it do multiple numbers, e.g. all of the numbers in some sort of order e.g. left to right?

Any links to info that i should read to point in the right direction would be appreciated.

Hi, Yes the lenet.nnetwork is mnist model, you just need to set invert to False (colors must be white on dark background):

The NN framework can’t detect multiple objects, the number must be centered and away from any borders. For multiple detections, you could either run it multiple times with different ROIs, or try to tune the scripts that search the image.


Thanks for that, i see on another post you recommended chars74k. which would you recommend, i’m trying to red a digital meter. that is the goal.

I’ve just changed the boolean flag and it is working, sort of, it was able to detect something though not correctly. i’ll keep playing.

thanks again for helping out.

another question, is there a way to use openmv ide without the camera, can i feed a picture in or pictutres in to write the code without having to plug the camera in and point it at something. this would make it much easier to develop.

No, the code runs on the camera.

Great Information.Thank You :slight_smile: