OV5640 FREX example?

I am trying to get an OV5640 to operate in FREX mode, with an ESP32-S3-EYE.

From the OV5640 Camera Module Software Application Notes (v1.3, May 2011), I understand that I should be able to enable FREX mode 2 (I2C) by setting 0x3B07[1:0] to 0x01, and then disable Rolling Mode shutter timing with Ox3817[3] (it doesn’t specify whether to set or clear the bit). The document further specifies that 0x3817[2:0] sets the FREX Precharge Time, and defaults to 4.

However, the OV5640 Data Sheet (v2.03, May 2011), says that 0x3817 is HSYNC START, and the value of this register after startup is 0.

Regardless, my attempts to disable Rolling Mode shutter timing, according to the Application Notes, appear to have no affect.

Can anyone clear up the confusion or, even better, provide some example code that demonstrates FREX mode 2?

The ESP32-S3-EYE isn’t our product.

However, we have never enabled this feature in our products. I can’t say why it doesn’t work.