openmv m7 with opencm9.04c

Hi there would like to know if i can use openmv m7 with robotis opencm9.04 micro controller as i am using serial bus xl320 servos and just another ? how do i track color with pan and tilt servos normal servos as i am totaly new to openmv many thanks

I’m not sure, does this platform have a standard UART ? If so you can use UART, see the examples in the IDE.

Hi there it use OpenCM9.04’s 4-pin communication port Serial2(USART2). i am new to this openmv as i have built a 6dof biped and would like if it can track color or objects many thanks for reply

Yes, the OpenMV Cam can track colors and send data out the UART. Please see the Pixy Emulation UART example for how to go about writing code.