OpenMV H7+ Usage of SWO Pin as Digital Pin

I am currently using SWD and SWC pins as normal Digital input/output pins. But I cannot find any reference for this kind of usage with SWO Pin. After I check the documentation about the Pins, I find out that “PB3” is not inside that documentation ( Is there any way that you guys can help me out for the adding the SWO Pin to the firmware or is there any guide that I can follow?

Thank you in advence,

Hi, you just fork the repo from GitHub, enable GitHub actions, then do a commit to change that file in the MicroPython fork (which you also need to fork). Then commit the MicroPython fork changes to the openmv repo and it will then build the firmware in the cloud.

Otherwise, follow the guide in the readme inside the openmv/SRC folder to build the firmware on your local machine.

As for making the pin a GPIO, yeah, you just need to ad a friendly user name , PB3 to the CSV file.