Chips on the OpenMV module, how should unconnected pins use them?

I am currently using the openMV module of STM32H743VIT6, now I want to use the unconnected pins of this chip, I want to know how to call them in the program.
Like the pin inside the pink box in the picture below.

Hi, you can use the stm32 module to directly access memory and then manually control the registers that control the pins. Alternatively, you need to add them to this file if you want to use them in python. You will then need to build the firmware again.

micropython/ports/stm32/boards/OPENMV4/pins.csv at fff2e1fb525cd8f92aadecbd9901abada1e891d1 · openmv/micropython (

Hi, kwagyeman.
Thank you very much for your answer, I am a novice, please give me more advice. Now that I have downloaded this document, I can directly add the pins I need to the two files “mpconfigboard.h” and “pins.csv”. What do I need to do once I’ve added it?
Could you please give me some more guidance?
My English is not very good, above from the translation software.
Thank you again for your answer.

Hi, you need to fork out repo. Enable GitHub actions. Modify that file online. Update the MicroPython sub commit. And then the firmware will build online.

You are trying to use pins that are not exposed for use. This is not a novice thing to do. If you want to do this you need to low what you are doing.

Well, I’ll try to learn the source code.