OPENMV H7 R2 with MT9M114 camera sensor changing brightness and other parameters is not working

I’m working on a project and need to get better image quality using QVGA and below resolution. I’ve tried playing with settings using functions like sensor.set_brightness, sensor.set_contrast and sensor.set_saturation, but the brightness, contrast en saturation does not change at all, the image is always the same.

I’m using the snapshot example and adding the functions to modify the parameters after the initial setup (pixformat, framesize) and before taking the captures i also add a sensor.skip_frames(time = 2000) to let the settings to take effect.

Is there something that must be deactivated or configure before modifiyng any of those parameters?

Hi, the driver doesn’t implement those parameters as the ISP for these cameras doesn’t support them.

The image quality you are getting is kinda the best of what the camera does.

If you feel the brightness could use some work please use the .gamma_corr() method on the image library to change gamma, brightness, and contrast.