OpenMV H7: CIFAR-10 trained network troubles…

I just bought an OpenMV H7 and wanted to use it with CIFAR-10 following this instructions:
“-From within the OpenMV IDE, click on tools → machine learning → CNN Network Library. -A window will open with the OpenMV qtcreator models folder. -There are two options: (cmsisnn) or (tensorflow)-Under cmsisnn, navigate to the cifar10 folder, click and then open. -Another window will then open. This window is to save the trained network file on the OpenMV camera.
—The user can then select the mass storage drive that appears with the camera to save the network. (?)
-Once the network has been saved, load the CIFAR-10 machine learning example by going to File → Examples → 25-Machine-Learning →……”
…But I have these problems with IDE:
Under Tools I find “Machine Vision> CNN Network Library” but only the “mobilenet” folder and not a “cmsisnn” folder.
It is so impossible for me to save the network file ( or… Can you kindly tell me where and how to find the network?
Thanks a lot. Alessandro

Hi, we removed all that stuff. Please use Edge Impulse: Collecting image data with the OpenMV Cam H7 Plus

That stuff was for Demo Purposes.

thanks for the quick reply … I’m going to deepen what you suggested.
Best Regards… Alessandro