OpenMV Cam M7 Text Recognition

Hi all, I am new to OpenMV Cam and I am require to use OpenMV M7 to detect text and character and send the output to Raspberry Pi

I find this OpenMV from Youtube

and OpenMV side having this tutorial openmv/ml/cmsisnn at more_nn_nets · kwagyeman/openmv · GitHub

I dont understand here is, is that i must setup the environment to achieve the text reading function of OpenMV M7?
Or is there anyone use M7 cam to recognize text before can guide me on this?

It doesn’t run on the M7. It runs on the H7 model. If you want to run it on the M7 you have to re-train the network to be smaller.

If you buy the OpenMV Cam H7 we have the demo ready to run and included with the IDE.

Oh… I didnt know that and i already get the M7.
Is there any guide on how to re-train the network?
To be honest, i just get to understand the Neuron network thing and still trying to figure how it actually works.
I am totally beginner in this :smiley:

Yes, to retrain a network just follow the guide for the network you want:

Of course you need to reduce the size of the network to fit the F7 (maybe just reduce IP1 to 50 or something).

This is a good introduction to NNs:’s-Guide-To-Understanding-Convolutional-Neural-Networks/

And this is a practical tutorial:

Hi, alright. thanks for sharing. :smiley:

Hi, sorry. Can I ask for setting up the Ubuntu for deep learning is for what purpose?
Is the OpenMV cam have to work with that environment?
Actually what I thinking about the text recognition function is that I need to write a Python program and load into OpenMV M7, which my OpenMV camera is a standalone device for this function. Then I can write a function for it to send out the reading result via I2C.

Is my concept on this correct?

It’s for retraining the network, you said you wanted to retrain the network to work on the F7.

I see… alright. thanks