chars74k on M7

Hello,I use M7 board for Machine Learning.
I followed this direction to train smaller network:

trained network size is 36KB.
when I train my network,accuracy is 0.874359:

but on the M7,it seems not good on it:

I only adjust conv1 and conv2 's num_output from 32 to 16.
Here’s my all files for this network(on Google Drive):
So my question is:how should I improve my network accuracy?
Any opinions are welcome,thank you.

Hi, I’m working on a tutorial showing how to run tensor flow models on the system. I hope to be done later this week.

As for the accuracy. Please understand the network needs the character by itself. You clearly have another character in the image. The network literally only learns what it sees in the training dataset. You cannot have an image with other noise there.

Also note that one image is not enough to test the accuracy, try a 100 or more.

Thank you for your quick reply.
I’ll try dataset’s image for my network.
And I look forward to Mr.kwagyeman’s TenserFlow tutorial.
If there are any problems, I will ask again.
Anyway,thanks for your help. :slight_smile: