OpenMV battery powered wildlife camera

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I’m currently working on a project to develop a wildlife camera with on device classification. The main issue to tackle is the power consumption. My current prototype uses a OpenMV H7 Plus alongside a ATmega328P. The ATmega is the main IC used to control sensors and power and the H7 Plus only acts as a camera and AI processor. I was wondering if there is anyone that has more information on the power consumption of the global shutter module in snapshot mode. Will this module go into standby when not triggered? Because the current camera module uses about 25mA while the OpenMV uses 10mA in lightsleep. When putting the camera module in standby and resetting it before taking an image the trigger response time is about 700ms while i would like to stay below the 200ms (the trigger response for normal wildlife camera’s)

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The global shutter is pretty simple sensor. It has a pretty static power draw. You can put it into power down mode.

You should measure the power draw yourself to get exact numbers.