Open MV H7 plus getting slower over time

We used to run 2 Edge impulse datasets with a steady 8 FPS, since we updated to the newest version on the Cam and IDE we only got 4 FPS. What could possibly cause this problem?

(We also tried the standard hello script, which before the update we got a FPS of around 175 we now only get 100 FPS using the global shutter)

After we found out this was causing us problem, we decided to test the regular H7 plus without global shutter giving us the same issue, since the update the hello script only runs at 23 FPS instead of the 50 when we used it a while ago.

Which firmware version did you upgrade from ? Did you change the scene/lighting ? It could be just the different exposure time.

I don’t know the versions out of my head, but worked fine in Februari this year and gave problems just recently when we went back to this part of our project again.

We’ve set the auto exposure to 2500 and lightning hasn’t significally changed.

The exposure code was wrong before. So, please change the “us” number. You’re actually getting the expected exposure now given the time value being passed. Before it was wildly off.

Tried changing the US number, only moderately changed the fps. From 2.3 tot 2.4/2.5
US from 2500 to the standard 5500 or even 10500.
While we used to run this code on 7.5 fps.
Also we compared the new images from the camera to the images in the dataset, but they look roughly the same darkness wise.

Mmm, so, we definitely have been increasing the speed with the H7 Plus. However, we’ve also been fixing a lot of bugs which sometimes were us running things to fast.

Can you post code that shows the issue? Maybe it’s something I can pickup easily. (Please trim code to the point where it’s just the minimal part that shows the issue).

I will do this directly Monday morning.

The issue we are having is that since this behavior also the Helloworld script has halved in speed. So it is not only our code.

We use the global shutter, QVGA with a sensor.set windowing making a image from 96,96.

And the set auto exposure, there is not much more in it.

(when we got the camera almost a year ago we were able to run the Helloworld at almost 200 fps and now only at 110 with exactly the same sensor settings.)

Can you post an example script? I think I know what the issue is.