Nicla vision UART through ESLOV

I thought i saw somewhere that the i2c pins of the ESLOV port are also connected to/ can be used as RX/TX for UART serial communication between the niclavision cam and an arduino mega.

If this is possible, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Yes, some customers have already posted about doing this on the forums. Please do a search.

I promise i wouldnt waste your time without first spending hours scouring through forums and device documents.

The only breadcrumbs ive found are:


Thanks for the guidance. Ill figure it out.



So, you just need to use pyb.UART(4).

class UART – duplex serial communication bus — MicroPython 1.22 documentation (

Not sure why he said it’s uart1. It’s definitely uart4.

Thank you for the clarification. Openmv has been an absolute game changer for my projects. Bravo.