My servo motor doesn;t work

I was using openmv M4 to control a servo motor, and this is my code.

import pyb

s1 = pyb.Servo(1)   # create a servo object on position P7
s2 = pyb.Servo(2)   # create a servo object on position P8

s1.angle(45)        # move servo 1 to 45 degrees
s2.angle(0)         # move servo 2 to 0 degrees

# move servo1 and servo2 synchronously, taking 1500ms
s1.angle(-60, 1500)
s2.angle(30, 1500)

But the servo motor doesn’t move at all. I measure the voltage of the VCC Pin and GND Pin of the servo motor, I find that the voltage is just 1.05V. I don’t know if my code is wrong.

Servos need about 5V.