Multiple Cameras Triangulation


I built a matlab program to use 3 logitech cameras to triangulate an LED

I am trying to convert my matlab code to use openmv cameras and I had the following question (I’m new to this stuff).

How do I read blob centroid data from multiple cameras into a single source? As in, reading data from three cameras into matlab code running on my PC or reading data from three cameras into one of the Cameras IDEs


Hi, just print the blob you are tracking with print(). Then I’m Matlab open the serial port of each OpenMV Cam and you will see that print data coming out the serial port.

You just need to save the script to the camera once you’ve finished it in OpenMV IDE.

I uploaded the hello world program that prints the fps, I’m not able to see this Matlab. Do you know why that would be?

Nevermind, this was resolved by rebooting camera.