Data from OpenMV cam7 to MATLAB

Hello Everyone,
I would like to ask if it’s possible to precess images data from OpenMV cam7 in real time in MATLAB. Please answer me!! :cry:
Thank for your support

What’s the point of this? And, yes, you can transmit images over the USB serial port in real time at the same speed OpenMV IDE receives images normally. That said, you have to write your own code to receive the image.

So what we need to do in Openmv side so that it can be transferred to matlab

Hi, I’m going to work on some software to help you on this. You really need to be more verbose about what you mean by transfer data into Matlab though. That literally means anything.

Hello everyone, thanks for your answer.
I try to be more clear:
My teacher told me to open a serial communication between openMV and MATLAB. I have no idea how this can be done! Do I need to use a specific command like USB-VCP? I have tried MATLAB to read the data of the port in which the cam is connected but I can not get good results.

Yes, you can use the USB VCP class to talk to Matlab. But, using that disables your ability to talk to the camera for debugging.

Is there a goal your are trying to do in Matlab?

I don’t know jet. Probably I will be able to follow a line and make considerations about the lengths of the lines (for example: measurements of lines in centimeters, directions right or left, line drawing in the picture…). I don’t know how to start writing the code to try to do this. Do you have any advice?

So, the camera does all this onboard.

I don’t know what MATLAB is for. The whole point of the OpenMV Cam is so you don’t need Matlab.