MJPEG client with Nicla Vision freezes

I am using the mjpeg_streamer.py on a Nicla Vision board. I am receiving the streamed images in a iOS app I am developing. The images are received well, however I am having 20% of the time the streaming is freezing, and it takes more than one second or more to have the next image streamed. This affects the product I am developing and makes it useless, because I need a non interrupting streaming. In addition, I have a problem with the same code that the board stops steaming and outputs the following exception: socket error: [Errno 110] ETIMEDOUT.
Could you please help me on these issues. Thanks.

See this PR. It works fine: lib: Add mjpeg server. by kwagyeman · Pull Request #1982 · openmv/openmv · GitHub

Merging it is not prioritized right now. As it should be re-written with uasyncio to make it more useful. However, you can take the library module and example scripts right now and have a working product.