Micropython Docs for Arduino Nano 33 BLE

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I can’t find a clean micropython documentation for the libraries available on the nano 33 BLE. Do you know where I can find it?

Here is some more context.
I just started playing with my new Arduino Nano 33 BLE and OpenMV.
Everything works perfectly. Firmware 4.1.1 has been installed properly and I could even run all the examples from the Arduino page (https://docs.arduino.cc/tutorials/nano-33-ble/ble-python-api).

I’m now trying to work on my own code but I cant’ find the right micropython documentation.

When I go to the OpenMV doc (Overview — MicroPython 1.15 documentation), it seems the documentation does not corresponds the modules available on the nano 33.

For instance, the utime module available on the nano only contains a few sleep_ and ticks_ functions. However, the documentations also mentions gmtime(), localtime(), etc. It seems the module also contains a class clock that is not documented.

An other example. There is a “board” module available which contains the functions to control the LED’s. This module is not mentionned in the docs. Seems pretty similar to the pyb module but only the LED class seems available on the nano 33 BLE.

Can anyone help to find the right libraries documentation?

Is there a clean documentation available somewhere?

Yeah, as far as I understand we only implemented the non-pyb libraries. @iabdalkader what board control is implemented?

This is the micropython nrf port, plus some of our own modules (for example the image module). It’s not documented because MicroPython never documented it.

Update: If you have no issue looking at code, you can just read the C bindings and figure out the API of whatever module you want to use.

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@iabdalkader: Could you please point me to the source code? I’m not too sure where to find the right version.

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And some of these are enabled:

And more here:

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