Can't import lsm9ds1 (Nano 33 BLE)

Hi I’m just testing the arduino 33 BLE with micropython/OpenMV, and everything went fine untill I tried “import lsm9ds1” (the gyro). "from machine import ", and other commands went fine. Do I have to install this moudule explicitly first? I have followed every step on arduino cc on how to use arduino with openMV and there’s no extra steps in their guide for the lsm9ds1.

You should be able to import it, it’s built-in, with the following

import lsm9ds1

Strange, it won’t let me import the on board boards, but the rest are fine. I see them all when i write help (‘modules’)

Actually there seems to be an issue with importing the builtin modules, I’ll look into it and get back to you.

Okay it’s fixed, you can use the development firmware for now until the next stable release:

Great, thanks for your quick reply!