Measure the line minimal gap

When use the find_line,the many line can be detection.How to measue the line minimal gap and filter,thanks!

Hi skylin008, can you please start posting more detailed questions? We’re here to help but please put some more effort in. Try writing a paragraph, 5 sentences at least of question. Also, give some context, etc. Thanks,

Pictures taken by camera are processed by find_line and will find a lot of lines that keep only the longest line segments. If the same line segment exceeds two and the minimum distance is less than the specified value, the line is not drawn when the draw_line function is used. This function is similar to HoughLinesP in opencv.Thanks!

find_lines doesn’t accept line gap and it doesn’t return line segments it returns lines. You can specify the minLineLength using the threshold.

Thanks iabdalkader, Yes,I had finish minlinelength function.