maximum framerate of video recording


I am looking simple and light video system that can record video into SD card and
found that this is good solution for my application.
The only function I need is saving video of QVGA(320x240) whenever the user want to.
I would like to know what is the maximum framerate of M7 and H7 and
whether there is any limitation of recording time.

Hi, the OpenMV Cam M7/H7 can record video… but, only in the demo sense. There’s no fifo onboard the system so when the SD card has to do an erase we hicup and you can see this on the video. You can hit about 10 FPS at 320x240 on the M7 and 30 FPS on the H7.

The devices aren’t made to record video… so, I would advise against doing this unless there’s some tricky need.


If you use a fast SD card, you can record QVGA/RGB at 20FPS on the F7 and 40FPS on the H7

Thanks for hopeful reply!