Can I record and save 60 fps video to my computer?

Hi all. I have limited programming experience and basically no Python knowledge so I wanted to just see if this was possible before I start to try to figure it out. I have the H7 plus camera and I’m just trying to use it to record 30-90 min long videos with maximal frame rate. It would be great if I could save the videos directly to my computer but I’m not sure if it would just be better to use a micro SD card. It would be ideal if the saved videos could be in color but if grayscale is better I could potentially make that work. Does what I’m trying to do sound reasonable? And if so do you have any suggestions for how I should go about it? Thanks!

Hi, there’s no way to send the video directly to the computer. That will be possible in future OpenMV Cam versions but not right now.

You can use the IDE to re-record the frame buffer at 30 FPS.