Max frame rate / ROI

Hi, I just bought a couple of OpenMV cameras for a project where I need to detect linear 1d markers (basically a barcode), the algorithms run fine but I need to increase the framerate.

Since I’m only interested in one (or a couple of) line of the image, is there any way to reduce the data transferred from the sensor to the stm32 to increase framerate?

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Yes, if the function accepts a ROI you could pass ROI info in a tuple ( image.function(…, roi=(x, y, w, h)). We’re working on making all functions accept ROI argument, but if a function doesn’t support ROIs yet, you could reduce the frame size setting the windowing. For example, the following sets the frame size to (80x60) from a VGA frame, this gives you higher resolution with less data to process:

sensor.set_windowing(((640-80)//2, (480-60)//2, 80, 60))

Wow, thanks for the fast reply! That works flawlessly!