mapping models to firmware

I notice the bulletin board search knobbles searchres for “firmware” because it is a “common” word.

Is there a matrix to map models of openmv to firmware?

I have ordered a couple of M7. Where is the download link for the firmware for that model please?

It looks to be on github yes?

Github has firmware up to OPENMV4. Is there any particular mapping of firmware to model?

That is, do I simply grab the OPENMV4 for the M7 model?


Hi, the OPENMV3 is the firmware for the M7. The OPENMV4 is the firmware for the H7 which is about to be released. The IDE comes with the latest firmware image. If you want the latest firmware image that’s unreleased you have to build the code. Please see the OpenMV GitHub wiki for details.

I was installing the firmware software on my laptop and at the same time, the iPod touch was connected to it. After that, there have been some ipod touch problems that I am facing. What shall I do to make that firmware work properly and remove the error as well?