maintaing same brightness throughout video

How can i keep the brightness of video same throughout the video where the openmv cam will be moved in all x,y and z direction seperately in outdoor?

Disable auto-functions ?

By disabling all these,can i get the same amount of light even when the openmv moves?I explain my scenario. I want to detect lemon fruit in the plant in outdoor by making the scanning using movement of openmv cam on a slide. Can disabling helps me out?

Yes, but you should let them run for a while to set some initial values, try this:


what will the polarizer filter do?

As I understand it, it attenuates a certain wavelength so you can use it in direct sunlight, it’s like sun glasses. See the comparison photos in the product description:

I don’t think that’s what you need. It should be enough to disable the auto-functions like I mentioned.

I think you are talking about making each frame have the same light even if the light outdoors changes. do i understand correctly?

yes jisheng. you got it correctly. can you help me?

Um, to do this you’d want to change the sensor exposure value based on the value returned by get_stats(). So, see the sensor control scripts and adjust the exposure up or down depending on if you’re above or below some lightness threshold.

lightness threshold means?what i want to use from get-statitics function? L or A or B? median or mean or standard deviation? help please

Hi, use the median of the L channel and adjust the the automatic exposure accordingly.

I am also using the polarizing filter which i bought from you.

i need to detect white colored object within 3-5cm under sunlight using an color sensor. Which sensor best fit for this?

Hi, the OV7725?