LORA demo


I’m running the LORWan example and it runs and i can see the join messages hit the things network so i know its communicating.

However, I get the following message “could not open E:\lora.py for reading. Either the file does not exist or you do not have the permissions to open it.” Click ok and it says LORAerrornoNetwork : command “+CTX” has failed!.

At the top of the script it says import LORA import *, where is this library located? Its not on the E drive. Is this part of the error.

No the error is this:
LoraErrorNoNetwork : command “+CTX” has failed

The IDE just can’t open the library file to show the line number because the library is builtin, this is unrelated.

I need to fix this in the way the IDE works. If it can’t open a file that’s supposed to be on the disk then it should just not display that error.

Thanks for replying so quick :slight_smile: When you say the library is built in, do you mean it is hidden, can it be viewed? I wouldnt mind understand more about it.

In terms of the error, i guess i need to wait until its fixed by openmv?

You can view the library here, you can also download it and copy it to the storage and make changes if needed.

There’s nothing to fix, seems the error says the network is not found for some reason. I’m not an expert on LoRa and I don’t have any LoRa hardware to test with, so you’ll have to figure it out and if you do find any bugs send us a PR.

EDIT: You may also find more help on Arduino’s forums.

OK, confirmed, not a software issue. The device wasn’t getting a signal from the room i was testing in, week signal. Hanged the device out of the window and worked. I probably need to capture the error and display a better message so know what it means :slight_smile:

For anyone else reading, I’ve got good signal from other devices, so I need to look at better antenna…

Resolver are you running the Arduino PortentaH7 Lora Vision Shield? I just received a few LoRa Vision Shields and I feel like I know what I am doing but they just don’t work. I have a things Gateway working online. I have the shield running the OpenMV LoRA example. I even understand what I am doing, but the output is always

Join Status: False

I have entered the appEui, the appKey and BAND_US915. The device and Gateway are registered and in the same room. I am trying out different antenna, but people at Arduino say it should work from a few meters even without an antenna. Any suggestions for the LoRa Vision Shield. Anything that needs to be set that I haven’t done.