limit space in drive

iam beginner in openmv , i gonna load a trained cnn(edge impulse )) in openmv m7.with 512KB of RAM and 2 MB of flash. when i gonna paste CNN(labels.txt and trained.tflite about 190kb) in openmv drive, it show error limited space. and totall space is 80kb.

how can load cnn in bufferfram(384k) ?

Use an SD card and you have to use a smaller model, not all the memory is available for loading networks.

thanks iabdalkader
1- It is not possible load NN from SDcard ? so why SD card ?
2 - totall space in drive 80kb, in case of nothing there (openmv m7)
3- The least space (edge impulse) = 190kb / Is there a solution with openmv m7?

You put the network on an SD card.

You put the network on an SD card.