LED light shield information

I bought the white LED light shield from the Chinese supplier Singtown and I can see an example script in the openMV IDE, but I am wondering:

Where are the EDA design files?
What LED model is it using?
Why is there no info on the official English page?

For the moment I am testing it by plugging it in without soldering, and lightly pressing the connector so that it lights up, but running the example script does not change its intensity when I change the PWM percent value from 10 to 100.

@kaizhi Can you help ?

Light shield was developed by SingTown and is mainly sold in China. The availability of English pages depends on the U.S. OpenMV LLC.
LED from China’s professional machine vision light source manufacturers, and there is no public model.
The EDA file is not public because we don’t think it is necessary.

1, Soldering OpenMV pinheads is necessary, and plug light shield into OpenMV.
2. A battery needs to be connected to power light shield.
Pictures: OpenMV 光源扩展板 | 星瞳科技
OpenMV 锂离子电池3.7V-1000mAh | 星瞳科技

Dear kaizhi, thank you for your rapid reply and for the battery info.

However, the rest of the information - to be honest - is a bit sad.

The light shield has an “openMV” logo printed on it. It is thus part of an open-design project. There is even an example script coming with the open-source IDE. Not supplying the EDA files just because they are deemed “not necessary” (presumably because not many people asked for it, or because it is a relatively simple design?) seems strange. Also, providing a measure of the optical power of the LED seems like an important information for an LED shield. In our particular case, these informations would be very helpful, and we may be the first to ask for them, but they would be required for any other, non-expert user who does not want to go into the trouble of reverse-engineering it for re-designing or adapting it. That’s the philosophy of the “open”, openMV project, I thought?

Please supply these design files for the community. That would be greatly appreciated, not just by us, but also by future users.

This is the eda file of the light shield.

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Alright, so it actually was already published. Many thanks for sharing the link, much appreciated!

Thank you Kaizhi for sharing the EDA files for the LED shield.
The files however contain some errors. I have attached a picture to this post for your reference. I will appreciate if you can resolve this or share the the right files.


I use eagle 9.4.2 software, please do not lower than this version.

But the ealge software has stopped updating, and it is possible to use fusion360 instead.

Ok, thanks