LCD shield displays wrong color and bad quality

Just purchased official LCD shield last month and ran an example code ( today.

The image on LCD is blur, colors are wrong and there are stripe noise.
Is this normal or did I get a faulty unit?

Frame Buffer view on Open MV IDE shows clear image. Disabling it doesn’t help.

Yellow objects looks light blue and red looks blue on my LCD…

That seems to be a bad unit. Not sure how it passed testing. We check that these are okay.

Please contact us via email for a replacement.

(Hoping this ins’t a systematic issue).

Thank you Kwabena for your prompt support!
Will send an email.

Hi, can you send me a picture of the QR code that you have on the back of your LCD shield? This will help us check how it was bad.

Here it is.

Can I get a higher res pic of the QR code. My CM wants to see it so they can lookup the unit.

Hope this works.

Thanks, sent it to our CM.