Is there a convenient way to debug my own function in OpenMV?

Hello, I want to add a micro qr decoding function and make sure that the function works properly in OpenMV H7+.
Is there any other way to debug the function except testing in OpenMV IDE by building it with openmv firmware after modifying the source code? (
I think it’s too cumbersome to implement the function.
Please let me know if there is a more convenient way to debug.
thank you.

It’s pretty much printfs in the code. They will appear in the serial terminal in OpenMV IDE as long as you didn’t break any of the USB stuff.

Note that the IDE loads the firmware now in under 10 seconds. So, the flow is pretty acceptable for compiling, using the IDE to flash, and repeating.


#include <stdio.h>

And then use printf() as normal where you like.

Ibrahim likes to use a jtagger with SWD to debug. There’s some scripts in the tools folder of the repo for that if you want to use that instead.

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