Is it possible to do lip detection using OpenMV?

Hello :slight_smile: I just purchased OpenMV to solve the project using lip detection. Looking for a way, I found OpenMV provides ‘find_blobs’ function instead findContour.
is it possible to use ‘find_blobs’ to find lip? If it’s not, how could I solve that problem?
and I also found the way to add ‘c code file’ in OpenMV project. so is this way can possibly do it??
(I attach the example pictures)

I look forward to your response. Thank you!
mouth detection.PNG
lip detection.PNG

Hi, we don’t have a built-in haar cascade for this. I don’t know how to quite use our Haar Cascade conversion script to convert the OpenCV lip cascade.

Sorry, I don’t know how you can easily do this with the system right now. It’s not out of it’s processing power. But, the right algorithm needs to be ported.

Thank you for your reply.
I’m trying! :slight_smile: