Invalid syntax error when running codes from missing examples files

Mmm, yeah, it just doesn’t work. This is what you downloaded from EdgeImpulse? I can’t tell if the newtwork name is different since I don’t have their build system output.

Will raise the issue with their developers.

Yes, this is what I have downloaded from EdgeImpulse. Alright, thank you!

I raised the issue with them. Jan the CTO forwarded it to the developer in charge of that.

Hi @kwagyeman, this error occurs when tf.load_builtin_model() fails to load in the model in RAM: Would be good if we can message a model doesn’t fit error instead of file not found . Reducing the model size obviously should fix the issue.

We can help on reducing the model if needed. He then needs to share his Edge Impulse project ID.

Please contact edge impulse.

I’ll check on if I can make that error message better. It used to say that there’s not enough RAM.

Alright, I would contact Edge Impulse.