Interaction with OpenCV for Image Stitching

Hi! I have a couple of questions regarding the use of the images taken from my H7 camera and how I could use them with OpenCV. I say this because I’m trying to stitch some pictures and knowing that OpenCV’s algorithm doesn’t stitch low-resolution images, I’m trying to get the image in a state where the resolution is good enough.

  1. Can I downscale my image for better resolution?
  2. I know I can compress the images, but, are there other ways to achieve better resolution?

Sorry for the newbie questions, I’m a noobie in computer vision and images.

Hi, can you explain more what you are trying to do? Using an OpenMV Cam for image stitching is… not what the product was made for.

Sorry for not explaining well :frowning:

I’m gonna use OpenCV for stitching a sequence of images, but the images are taken from my OpenMV camera.

Seeing how the OpenCV stitching algorithm is not 100% useful with all images, it requires good image resolution for the stitching.

I was wondering if you could give me some tips to get the best resolution possible with my H7 camera.

Hi, the question is more along the lines of why you want to use the OpenMV Cam for this versus a normal webcam.

I’m using it because it allows me to move it with a servo on the same script, which makes it useful for good coordination. Also, I’m gonna use the RPC library to pass the photos to a Raspberry Pi and stitch them there.


Then, capture JPEG images and use the RPC library to send them to the Pi. Do you have an H7 regular or the plus? The plus can just capture 1080p JPEG images easily.

I got the regular H7. I’m planning on decreasing the size of the image.

Okay, well, you can still just use the system in VGA mode with BAYER pixel format and you can jpeg compress these images and send them to the Pi. You cannot run any other algorithms on the bayer images however.