I2C Arduino Interface


I am trying to use the OpenMV H7 camera to communicate bidirectionally with an Arduino Nano. I read in a couple other threads that I2C is not favourable but those were a long time ago and wondered if that still is the case.

Also, out of curiosity I looked at the example arduino_i2c_slave code and wondered, is there a reason why the OpenMV must be a slave, can it not be the master?

I2C/SPI works fine with the RPC Interface Library.

If you’re not planning on using our interface library then just use UART only. Unless you really know what you are doing I2C/SPI co-processor communication is extremely hard to get working.

The OpenMV Cam can be the master. However, what makes SPI/I2C hard is that the devices aren’t synced to each other. So, it’s hard to coordinate one accessing the other.