How to write my own function in C and call it in python using the IDE?

I am using OpenMV Cam H7 and I have made a setup IDE in linux environment as per the document Home · openmv/openmv Wiki · GitHub. I have a query regarding how to write my own C functions and call it thru the IDE via python code. I have read this thread Firmware Development - OpenMV Products - OpenMV Forums but my openmv folder which i downloaded from the openmv github page does not contain path


as stated in the thread. Please help…

The file is under “src/omv/py/qstrdefsport.h”

Hi, THanks for the reply. I am using the FLIR Lepton Adapter Module with OpenMV H7 board. As suggested in the Flir Lepton3.5 datasheet, the FOV of the said lens is 71x57 [degrees]. I searched for a better thermal lens with wide FOV than the Lepton 3.5 and found a new thermophile sensors from Heimann Sensors with L5.0 lens which has a better FOV of 88 x 70 [degrees]. I am thinking of attempting to integrate that sensor module with the OpenMV platform as I find it awesome and easy to use. Is it doable?
Do you have any other thermal module supported which have good FOV?

Just the MLX90340. See the GitHub and look at whole the py_fir.c module works.

Thanks! I’ll look into it…
And congratulations for being a Judge on the Hackaday Superconference! I saw it on youtube, the event was awesome!