How to turn off firmware update prompts in OpenMV?

Hi, How do I disable the prompts to update cam firmware in the OpenMV application? We’re using custom firmware and I don’t want our users to overwrite our firmware with the normal firmware.

I would have guessed renaming our devices in mpconfigboard.h would do it (#defines for MICROPY_HW_BOARD_NAME or MICROPY_PY_SYS_PLATFORM might do it, which I’ve done, but I’m still getting the prompts). I can ask our users to click “Don’t show this again”, but that opportunity typically doesn’t happen until after they’ve already overwritten our firmware a few times.

Thanks!! -Doug (we love this project!!)

The prompt is strictly on the firmware version number. Your firmware should return a version number of 9.9.9 or something like that.

Found it! in usbdbg.h, thanks!!