How to send an image across serial port and not interrupt other output or kill frame rate?

Hello! I’m rather new to OpenMV, and I’m writing a Java application that connects to the OpenMV by a serial port.

I noticed that the OpenMV IDE was capable of receiving both the frames that the OpenMV captured, and at the same time receiving the uninterrupted output of the program. What would I need to do to replicate that behavior between a Java application and the OpenMV?

You need to port this:

And there’s an example that uses that module to execute a script and read the framebuffer:

Thanks for your reply!

I’ve already ported the script to Java. It’s available at GitHub - entech281/JOpenMV: Java code to manage an OpenMV camera..

My problem is that I need to use the serial port for other data as well. What would I need to do not have the frame data and the other data print at the same time and get mixed together?

Hi, this uses the debug mode so they are already not mixed.

Thanks a lot!

After a little digging, I figured out that I need to use the tx_buf API call to read the output of the program.

Thanks for your help!

Yes that’s right, you just need the tx_buf_len and tx_buf commands.