How to get "color detection algoritem" saved data


I am kind of new to python and programming.
I am trying to detect an object with my camera and send the position of that object through SPI bus.

I am trying to detect an object with the camera. The most reliable example that I tested was the automatic color detection example. The only problem is ,that I can not take it offline. The algorithm
works by showing the camera an object that you want to track and then it remembers the color and tracks it.

I want to somehow record the color and use that color in the program instead of the autodetection system. So I can unplug the camera from the PC and plug it into a power source and use it only with microcontroller.

I am also having trouble with the SPI bus. I can not receive data on the camera in slave mode. I can only send. I’ll make a separate topic for that.

Hi, you can printout the color tracking values. Also, you should use the Threshold Editor under Tools->Machine Vision to select the default color tracking settings.