How to Find Object Like (T) position, and rotation angle

I am working on to Find Out Object T (Shape like T and Metal Part)

I have the required position and rotation angle.

did you try something already? like blob tool? does the rotation it exports meet your needs?

I have to find out the object in the image is Up or Down.

Blob give object center and rotation, but dose not give object is up or down.

can you train for the bullet’s center stripe?

this is not t-shape.
Do you want only the up and down or the hole 360 degrees?

Only Up and Down will work for my project.

then you dont need rotation.
You can count the black pixel on a region on top of the blob and see if there are a lot black ones then its upside down. if there are few black bixel then its the tip…
So first find where it is with a blob tool and then fixture a region for another blob on the top and count the area of that region…
There are more ways to do this ofcourse.

Ok .
We have to support 3-4 types of objects.

Can i get Object Border / Outline, where the minor changes in the outline of object?

didnt manage to inspect countors with openmv cam…