How to connect portenta vision shield with firebase or any cloud storage using openmv

I am using openmv to run my code on portenta h7 connected with portenta vision shield and i want to send the data i stored on the sd card of vision shield to firebase storage but i can’t figure out a way to do so, how can I connect my vision shield with firebase.

You have to use the REST API probably. There’s no library for fire base access.

I am trying to import, urequests library to send data to firebase using REST API. but open mv doesn’t have requests in it, but in open mv documentation there is urequest library in specified micro python libraries.
how can I import it in openmv ide or install urequest library in openmv ide?

Hi, urequests should be avialable on the latest firmware of the Portenta.

Hello sir, I may sound naive, but can you please guide me more on, how can I use REST API, to send data to Firebase. if this doesn’t work is there any other way to share my data from the sd card to show it on my web application.

Hi, I have no idea how one connects to the firebase via REST requests. I cannot provide such specific help unrelated to our product.

Maybe ask ChatGPT how to write REST API requests to the firebase.

thanks, I have tried many methods but its nit working, can you suggest to me any other method by which I can show data stored in sd on my web application? like using my SQL server or any other method.

We provide a low level sockets interface and then a REST API.

If you want to write data to an SQL database you have to setup some PHP code on your website that accepts form fill access and writes data to the database. So, you need to actually write the server side code here.

Generally, this looks like PHP code that accepts a query string and then given that string it writes data to a database.

Then from the camera you are just doing an HTTP POST to the URL with a custom query string you generate.

thanks, i hope this will work, i will try to work it out, thanks for your help. i have tried to send data to Firebase but it didn’t work.

hey, I have a question, can i send data directly to database. and then from database just fetch data and show it on my web application.

Yes, you can do this. You need to write the code using our urequest API.

can you provide me any code example for that, it would be really helpful.

I don’t know how to interface with fire base. You should search for how to talk to fire base using Python request module.

However, when I previously did stuff like this you need to write server side PHP code that can handle URL query strings and then you want the camera to issues requests to that.

i will search on that, i have to share the data I’ve been storing in the sd card of portenta vision shield to make it connected to the internet, this is the last step in my project, and it’s holding my whole project back, i already have tried many ways but wasn’t able to send.