how do i command fan ESC from M7?

I have an m7 and hope to do use it to operate a brushless fan ESC. Arduino has an ESC library that allows pin, min, max, and arming values to be input to a fan esc. Anyone have advice how to pull this off on the m7 board? Trying to inflate a bellows to raise a standing desk converter when person stands in front of desk then lower when he sits. I would like to eliminate the arduino and go directly from the m7 to an inexpensive ESC. I did an analog write with the arduino to do a 0-255 output to the esc. it did not work (just beeped and twitched the motor a little) so i installed the ESC library to arduino and it worked fine. I don’t think that pyb.servo will do it(honestly haven’t tried yet), so hopefully someone smarter than i Can provide an example of how to command an esc fan from M7 to esc.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, so, the third party external library support for the OpenMV Cam is kinda thin… But, you have to start somewhere. Um, if you can find a MicroPython library for what you need we can run it.

Anyway, how is the ESC controlled? Can you send me a link to the product? If it’s controllable like a servo the OpenMV Cam can handle driving it easily.

I found some good information about calibrating the esc and was missing the fact that upon powerup I need to output max and min values to set the range for the esc. I will have to validate that this works but it seems promising. Thanks Kwabena.