Help programing FLIR Lepton with MicroPython


I’m new to this forum and I can’t find the examples section for help.

I looked for the file → examples database and I can’t find it. So, instead I looked through all the threads in the IR section and none of them were helpful to me. Can somebody point me in the direction to help me get started?

I did search FLIR and Lepton and it took me to this document.

fir — thermal sensor driver (fir == far infrared) — MicroPython 1.20 documentation (

Copying this code and trying it gives me this error:


From here I tried defining the fir.init line as described in the document and I can’t figure it out. I tried a few different things and I don’t know what to do.


In conclusion,

I was using the document as an example and can’t figure it out. I can’t find the examples database. Any help is appreciated. I’m trying to program my Lepton IR with MicroPython.


I figured some things out using the code that I posted. I got the IR camera to show images. With line 24 I was able to enable the lepton, but I don’t know if I need lines 25-27. I’m not sure how to get lines 39 and 40 to work.