Help : Drive for TFT 480x320 with controller ILI9488

I’m working on a project where I want use a TFT 480x320 w/o Touch Screen.
My TFT has a ILI9488 as controller while in the forum I’ve found just a post were is using the a smaller TFT 320x240 with ILI9341 .
I’ve tried to modify the driver for the ILI9341 following the register setting of this post in github
GitHub - anuprao/esp32_ili9488: Fork of esp32_ili9341 to wrk with ili9488 controller but dosen’t work.
Is there someone that has already tried to use a 3,5 inc TFT with ILI9488 and has a driver ?
tks Roberto

Hi, you should read the datasheet for the controller and just modify the hex commands being sent to do the correct thing.

First, I’d search for MicroPython and then the new chipset name. Someone likely did the work already, if not then you have to write the driver.

Thank you , I’ll do some more searchs .