H7 plus controlling a 6 axis robotic arm

Sometimes if too much solder is used it shorts inside the pin header, you should try a continuity test between P7 and the pins next to it. Something else to try, just use P7 as GPIO and set it high, and any pin on the other header and compare the voltages.

There was no continuity between pin P7 and the pins adjacent to it and it reads 3.3v when set to high. I am getting a very high but not immeasurable amount of resistance between the ground pin and the all of gpio pins.

It just started working after I did nothing. Go old electronics

Probably bad contact inside the pin header :slightly_smiling_face: btw I measured the voltage on P7 and I get 0.3v too running that script above. Anyway that’s all irrelevant because you need 6 servos so you’ll be using the servo shield which doesn’t even use these pins. So I tested the servo shield, and it’s working fine, I tested all 8 positions, keep in mind that you need supply VIN with 5V.

The servo shield is working but the servo travels seeming where ever it wants and it does not follow the instructions to set the angle to a certain amount. If I change the delay between setting the angles the actual angle the servo goes to changes. I can not win today

Nevermind, figured that out too

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Just so you are aware, with the servo that I am using I had to use a logic level converter to get it to work with the servo shield. Maybe mine is a fluke.


I never had to use one with a servo before, the servo I have is very common, it’s powered from USB 5V and it works fine with the servo shield.

Maybe mine is fluke but if I don’t use the logic converter nothing happens, if I do it moves. I don’t know why, but if you run into another problem similar to mine try a logic converter.