Golf ball detection, speed and direction

What I am looking to do is build a golf putting simulator. I have the game software that I want to use but need the ball input information to give the parameters to the software.

I need the camera ( I have th H7 r2) to see the golf ball and detect when it is moved and then determine the speed and direction of the ball so I can send that information to the existing software.

I am very new to this and basically fumbling through at this point. Am I looking as a fairly simple project or is this going to be a big project?

This is easy, use the find_blobs() example scripts under color tracking. What you’ll want to do is track the color white and then find the largest centroid of white on screen. That will be the golf ball.

However, depending on your camera view you’ll have to deal with other things behind the golf ball. This will make it harder.