Functional difference between H7 R2 and Nicla for Color processing

Yep… me again.

So my scenario is that I have two clips that I need to detect on a product using machine vision. One is an orange clip that is a pretty straight forward boolean type check to see if the color is present at all.

The other is a yellow clip that I am actually counting pixels to detect if there is parts of the clip missing.

Both I am using find.blobs() function to do it with. It seems to work pretty well.

But the question is, I have been using the Nicla Vision to do all this (and have voiced my concern about the documentation and support regarding that board). However, I also have H7 R2’s available. Is there any functional difference between them that would make one better than the other?

I’d use the Nicla since it has WiFi and high speed USB. It’s a more capable board. The H7 R2 though has a better vision sensor.

Didn’t even think to add that information in. Our scenario has the camera hardwired to power, and to a Controllino over serial. So the WiFi and USB aren’t ever used, and probably will never be used in the future (WiFi definitely wouldn’t be used due to the cabinet it’s being housed in being basically a faraday cage).

So with that, it kind of sounds like the R2 might be better for our needs since it has a better sensor?

Yeah, makes sense.

Awesome. Thank you as always!