Frame capture timeout

In an application where the H7Plus board is powered by a stable 5V source once a minute to take an image and save it on the SD card, the device frequently encounters, at varying intervals, the Frame capture error (~0.5% of the time) that has been mentioned in the forum before. I tried running this sequence with 2 different boards in setups were the sensor is firmly mounted to the main board, and both get this problem on the sensor.skip_frames command from time to time.

Is there any other reason, related to software, that could create the frame capture timeout error ?


Does this happen with USB or just with an external 5V source? It could be a firmware bug but I can only think of it being a power supply issue.

The setup is powered by an external 5V source that should be stable. I will run some tests about the power supply start-up then.

It could be related to the extra power draw of saving an image. We don’t test for that happening at the same time as the camera running.

The only thing I can think of is that the current draw is spiking causing a brown out on the system. This might be a hardware issue with the camera that we have to improve in our design. A simple fix for this if it’s the case is to add more capacitance on the 3.3V rail.

The frame capture error occurs on the frame skipping command right after the sensor reset, so before taking an image and saving it. Even with a 1 second delay before the sensor initialization sequence, the frame capture still times out at the same rate.

Alright, I’ll try running with a few more uF on the 3V3 rail and see if it makes a difference.

in reality this isnt good idea to deal with intervals for applications.
You can just take a picture every one minute via gpio pins or by internal time counters.
The rest of the time the camera can sleep into saving mode.
I dont feel very confortable with your approach…

The application here is portable and running on a limited battery capacity. Deep sleep mode consumes 9.5mA on average which is huge compared to the ~200uA from this setup.

ok you decide.