Focus adjustment while using fast moving objects

Any one guide me how can we use Openmv cam h7 for detection of barcode of fast moving objects…!

While capturing the image by openmv, the image focus is disturb. And In openmv cam h7, the image sensor,we used, not have the autofocus feature…!

How can we auto focus the image capture by openmv cam using image processing techniques but without any dependency of libraries like opencv etc.

Thank you!

you can adjust the focus once. you dont need focus again.
If you have already adjusted the focus then this is not the problem for a blured image.
can you tell us the exposure time you use and the speed of barcode traveling?

speed of moving objects is 60 feet per minute

exposure time?
note that with that speed the barcode will travel 1 foot in a sec.

Exposure == 101244
should i reduce it or increase??

max exposure for such project must not exceed 1000 us…the lower the better…
and this is just pure optics+lighting discussion that has nothing to do with openmv camera…