Extracting temperature by clicking on object

Hello. I am currently trying to implement a feature where I want to get the temperature of an object by clicking on it. For example if I have multiple objects in one frame I would like to be able to click on each one and get its temperature. I know that a get temperature template exists in the openmv ide but I was wondering if there’s another template that would be similar to the functionality I want to implement. For reference I’m using the openmv cam H7 with the flir lepton.

Yeah, there’s no support for the clicking part. So, you’d need to start with the example code and then figure out the clicking part.

What hardware are you using?

By hardware are you referring to the lepton?

The OpenMV Cam board, the IDE just visualizes what the camera sends. You can’t click on it to see temperatures

The board I’m using is STM32H743. Since there’s no support for clicking in the IDE would you say using opencv is the only way to implement this functionality then?

Hi, what you want to do will require creating a PC application. This really isn’t about OpenCV so much as needing to make a GUI.

Okay gotcha that makes more sense now. A follow up question I have is are the OpenMV cams fully supported by Opencv or is openmv ide the only way I can do things like extract temperature and stuff?

Again, you need to build an application to process the data coming out of the OpenMV Cam. It’s not a webcam. It doesn’t send an image to the PC. It is its own computer, and you can have it output whatever data you want. The application on the PC side can decode that data and then have a GUI that allows you to select an area and get the temperature of that area.