Exposure time and Frame Rate

I’m trying to adjust the exposure time of my M7 and just can’t seem to get the syntax right.

What they have on the library definition page has been utterly unhelpful to me in understanding the syntax:

sensor.set_auto_exposure(enable[, exposure_us=-1])

As far as I’ve gotten, I am able to get the exposure_us variable to change, but it does nothing to change the actual exposure time at execution time.
The function library definition page states that the variable exposure_us is measured in microseconds, so I’ve used 1000000 to get one second exposure time.

sensor.set_auto_exposure(False, exposure_us = 1000000) #Here's where I believe the issue is at
print(sensor.get_exposure_us()) #This prints out 1000000, so I know its saving the exposure time value

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to get the exposure time to be as large as it can be. Would this require a change in the frame rate as well? If so, how would that be done?

Please see the example script in the IDE under examples → sensor control. The example script shows you how to use the method. In particular, you have to also disable AGC.

Thank you very much! It’s working exactly as I want it to!