Empty Frame Buffer from OpenMV 7 on remote image transfer to pc


I am trying to use the OpenMV RPC library to transfer and store images from the camera to my PC (windows). I have followed your example script.

That is I uploaded as a main.py to the H7 camera the image_transfer_jpg_as_the_remote_device_for_your_computer.py and rebooted the camera. When I run the rpc_image_transfer_jpg_as_the_controller_device.py and I select the appropriate COM port, I get an empty Frame Buffer (black) window and the values returned to my command terminal are stuck at 0.0.

Do you know what could be the issue? Thank you!

Use the streaming version of the scripts. They work better. As for the issue. Unknown. I’ve debugged this multiple times for users however and it pretty much always comes down to user error in following the steps.

Can you try the streaming examples? They have a much faster transfer rate.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I tried the steaming script versions too, but the pygame Frame Buffer console is still empty (black).

Any idea what could be the issue or what else could I check to troubleshoot this issue?

It’s most likely the script wasn’t saved to the camera. Can you check main.py is equal to the script it needs to be?

Yes, I double-checked the main.py script on the camera is correct and I am using the corresponding script for the PC as well.